Excuse me, I think there’s a text message in your eye

I wear contact lenses and receive text messages. Therefore, recent articles surfacing about this new technology caught my eye (pun intended).

Belgian scientists at Ghent University have developed a curved liquid display (LCD) that can be inserted into a contact lens to show simple patterns such as letters. This means that within five years, we could be be reading text messages, emails and our favorite gluten-free pancake recipe directly on our EYEBALL.

Many have been wondering what the next “it” device will be now that the smartphone has pretty much plateaued. Are we really going to scream “technological breakthrough” when the iPhone 6 announces itself as just “thinner, lighter, and faster”?

Potential candidates promising to eliminate the need of holding a display device in your hands (because that’s just way too much effort) are bendable phones, digital tattoos, and wearable devices like Google’s Project Glass. However, this digital contact lens trumps them all because it’s literally right there on your EYEBALL.

Beyond the communication benefit, this technology could also serve for cosmetic or medical purposes such as monitoring for cataracts. I’ve always wanted blue eyes. With the ability to control light transmissions levels, one might never need sunglasses again.

There are still a few kinks to work out, such as a finding a safe way of sourcing power to the lenses so it doesn’t blow your eye out, and working around the fact that humans have a short focus distance which make hard to read from so close.

But the real question is, who will get to it first: the Google-y Eye or the iEye?

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